About the Local Option Levy

At the November 4, 2014 election, Eugene residents will vote on a measure to maintain critical support for Eugene 4J schools. The Eugene 4J local option levy — Measure 20-222 — is not a tax increase, but a vote to continue our current 4J local option levy at the same tax rate for another 5 years. 


The local option levy will help 4J’s schools provide the educational opportunities our students need to be ready for jobs in the future. Excellent public schools play a critical role in the success of children and in the economic viability of a community. 


Most decisions about school funding are made at the state level. The local option levy is our chance to do a little more for our Eugene 4J students, without increasing taxes.

About Us

“Yes for 4J Schools” is a group of parents, students, teachers, administrators, business owners and community members who have come together to support the 4J local option levy for Eugene’s schools. We are volunteering to help ensure Eugene’s schools and education system have the resources to prepare our students and our city for the 21st century.  Will you join us?

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